PCB Fabrication

Medontech offers the manufacturing of the Printed Circuit Boards from prototype through production and quick-turns through standard and scheduled deliveries, your expectations are what we strive to exceed.We engineer and manufacture highly complex, technologically advanced Rigid-Multi-layer Printed Circuit Boards Prototypes & Pilot Volume on a quick-turn basis.

Our detailed list of our capabilities and design guidelines are listed below. Keeping your designs within our standard and advanced capabilities will yield the most competitive pricing. Our emerging technology capabilities support the most advanced PCB designs and we recommend having a DFM completed by our pre-engineering team.

PCBs Manufactured for various industries includes Industrial Controls / Process Automation, Automobile Electronics, Computers Peripherals/Datacomm, Telecommunications products, Scientific And Biomedical Equipment, Military and Aviation Electronics, Transportation systems electronics, Building / Architectural components, Commercial food processing equipment, Audio/Video Electronics, Contract Assembly Services Companies, Consumer Electronics.

Design Guidelines and Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Standard Materials

    • All Laminate & Prepregs as per IPC4101 & IPC-CF-150E
    • All raw material Nema grade, FR-4,94V-1
    • Material used: Multifunctional Glass Epoxy FR4 (Tg 135),FR4 (Tg >150),
      FR4 (TG>170),PTFE,DUROID, ROGERS & TEFLON, Other Specific requirement on request.
  • Approvals & QMS

    • PCB Fabrication & inspection as per IPC-6012A, Class 2, AQL 0.25, General inspection level 11, SPC & Undergoing UL 796 with Flammability rating of 94V-0 certification
  • Type of PCBs

  • Highlight of Plant Facilities

    • Polar Instruments for controlled Impedance Layer stack up generation software & impedance testing.
    • Laser Photo Plotting – In-house Photoplotter from East-Space Light.
    • AOI - In-house Automated Optical Inspection facility for Photo tool, all Inner Layers & outer Layer inspection. Machine from Machvision Taiwan.
    • Flying Probe Tester – With 8 Probes from ATG Germany
    • PLASMA – Machine from Jesagi-Hankook Korea _ Latest Technology for Desmear Etch back and surface cleaning
    • Pulse rectifier – to achieve uniform Copper Plating thickness on surface & hole wall.
    • 0.10 mm. CNC drilling capability, Machine from Pluritek-Italy.
    • Laser Photoplotting – In-house facility.
    • Laboratory – For process monitoring
    • Microsectioning: Equipment from MEIJI-Japan, Camera with PC interface software
    • CMI Make hole wall CU thickness & Surface CU thickness instruments.
    • Solderability tester.
    • DM Water Plant – 100% water usage in process is DM water. Safety/Environmental Full-time IEPA Class 'K' Licensed Chemist Ion Exchange wastewater processing.
  • Final finish

  • Solder Resist

    As per standard IPC-SM-840, Class III, type B.
    Photoimageble Green, Blue, Red, Black, White & Clear as per IPC-SM-840 
    Component Idents White, Yellow, Black
    Peelable Mask Blue or Red
    Soldermask Thickness Min. 10 microns
    Soldermask Dam Min. 3 mil (0.75 mm)
    Soldermask Clearance > 2 mil
  • Board Dimension

    Max. Board Size 16” x 22” (406.4 x 457.2mm) 
    Tolerance on overall dimension +/- 0.004” (0.10mm)
    Max. Board thickness 0.197”(5.00 mm)
    Min. Board thickness. 0.016” (0.40 mm)
    Max. Warp & Twist. Standard 0.75% & for Critical application 0.50 %,
    As per IPC-275-D, Class A.
    Finish Board Thickness Tolerance +/- 10% for Board Thickness > 0.8 mm
    +/- 3 mils(+/-0.075 mm) for Board thickness < 0.8mm
  • Copper Cladding

    Inner Layer Max. Base Cu. Thickness 4 oz (0.14 mm)
    Inner Layer Min. Base Cu. Thickness ½ oz (0.017 mm)
    Outer Layer Max. Base Cu. Thickness 4 oz (0.14 mm)
    Outer Layer Min. Base Cu. Thickness 1/3 oz (0.012 mm)
    Aspect Ratio (Thickness to Drill) 12:1
    Copper Plating Min. 0.001”(25 Micron) with hardness of 150 Knoop Maximum
    Min. Track/Space 3/3 mil with base copper of 1/3 & ½ oz
    4/4 mil with base copper of 1/3.½ & 1 oz
    5/5 mil with base copper of 1/3, ½, 1 & 2 oz
    6/6 mil with base copper of 1/3, ½, 1 & 2 oz
    Impedance Tolerance Min. +/- 10% (Impedance stack-up design & verification Service)
    Thermal Stress Test 288 Deg.Centi. 10 Sec. One shot
    Flammability 94V-0
    Drill Hole Diameter Max. Unlimited
    Drill Hole Diameter Min. 0.15 mm (6 mil)
    Min. Annular Ring Outer Layer 2 mil (0.05 mm)
    Min. Annular Ring Inner Layer 2 mil (0.05 mm)
    Min. Anti Pad (Diameter over Drill} 16 mil
    Hole diameter Tolerance{PTH} +/- 3 mil (0.075 mm) +/- 2 mil (0.05 mm) in case of press fit hole
    Hole Diameter Tolerance (NPTH) +/- 2 mil (0.05 mm)
    Etch back & wicking Maximum 0.003” & Negative etch back Max. 0.0005”