Product Design & Development

Medontech is uniquely placed to offer services in Electronic design & development; with over 10 years of experience - from requirements capture, design, prototyping, design validation and support during deployment, Medontech helps in developing new, futuristic, next generation intelligent devices, that enhance the quality of life and user experience for product users.

We expand our portfolio across domains, industries, and leading silicon vendors. We leverage our expertise and experience to provide end-to-end services. Our engineers will work with you throughout the design and development process to ensure the final product is economical to produce and robust in operation and with the help of our partnerships with component vendors, manufacturing houses, and test centres, we strongly focus on cost, reliability, testability, and manufacturability to deliver significant savings in cost and time to market to our customers.

We offers complete board design capability - from requirements to design, layout, prototyping, testing and transfer to production. Our team has experience in designing high-speed, high-density multi-layer boards and systems and with proven design processes & methodologies help us meet the challenge of delivering complex boards on time to meet the reduced time-to-market requirements of our customers.