Thermal Analysis

Designers are creating Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) with higher density, higher power and smaller than ever before. Thermal analysis is necessary to keep up with these advances. To realize and solve potential problems in the design phase and avoid costly overdesign or failure due to thermal issues, thermal analysis must be performed.

Medontech has been the reliable partner for thermal analysis of electronic systems and will ensure that your thermal requirements are answered from the very beginning of a project. We offer cost effective solution for design and optimization of electronic cooling systems. Our thermal experts combine the deep knowledge of heat transfer and thermodynamics with sophisticated usage of the thermal analysis software. This combination ensures accuracy and innovation in the thermal management of the most complicated electronic project.

We perform the thermal analysis/simulation to estimate temperature rise in different parts of the product and to identify possible impairment of reliability caused by excessive heat.

On the thermal analysis we focus on,

Thermal analysis serve as an input to mechanical and electrical design improvements, reliability prediction and stress analysis.